Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interview Panic

So I have an interview tomorrow. It's a "group assessment". It will go for three hours. I'm kinda freaking out.

I've found quite a few resources online that talk about group interviews, but for the most part they're aimed at retail & sale positions - which is where I have experienced group assessment before - and not at professional positions. This article is by far the best of all that I have read, and has given me some useful tips.

The first one being - Don't Panic. Ha! Easy for you to say. But OK, let's work through this.

I am currently in prep mode. Which, for me, involves frantically researching everything at once.

So I have:
  • looked at all the programs the library service offers and thought up some additional ones to suggest
  • investigated the demographics of the catchment area and made some notes regarding trends and target groups
and I have yet to:
  • read some articles on management and teamwork and get "buzzword-ed" up
  • investigate team/management scenarios and solutions
  • figure out my key 3 skills
  • read back over my application and figure out why the hell I thought I was suitable for this job
I remember applying for the job and being very confident that I could do it, looking at what they asked for and knowing that I was capable of meeting the requirements, and doing a good job. I just need to rediscover that confidence, and re-find my mojo.

Wish me luck.

PS Interview outfit is sorted. Business-like dress, purple patent heels and new earrings I just bought for the occasion. At least I'll look the part!


  1. You sound you have all bases covered. Good luck!

  2. I send thee luckish stuff...and figure you'll be fine 'cause you know your stuff anyway and can talk your way out of a sticky situation :-)

  3. It will be the purple heels that get you the job ;-P

  4. Good Luck! i bet you will be fine. you know you can do it. just look back, and remember what it is that you thought when you first read the description.