Friday, August 6, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge

Having collapsed due to Tony Ferguson and since then returning to old habits (i.e. eating my little heart out), I've decided to enrol in MPOW gym's "Weight Loss Challenge" over the next couple of months.

Part of the reason for enrolling is because I go to New Zealand with friends in about a month, and we're doing hiking, skiing, and other "energetic" activities. The other reason is because I have been told by my doctor for years that I need to exercise for a chronic health problem I have, and that I need to exericse if I want to have kids, but I am not naturaly active so I need to be motivated (read: bullied) into doing it. So having a personal trainer "encouraging" me is really helpful . The third reason is: I'm super competetive. Did you see those prizes? Three day break at the sunshine coast. 10 pack of PT sessions. 3 month gym membership. AWESOME. It's like the biggest loser, only without the total humiliation :-)

I bought a "starter" 3 pack of PT sessions a couple of weeks ago and have already started with my Personal Trainer, who I really like. I can almost leg press my weight (I have very strong legs!) and I've even managed to do two whole non-PT exercise activities in the last week! My BF and I went on a lovely walk along the river last Sunday and I went to a spinning class last night. So the total challenge is over about 10 weeks. If I could lose 10kgs in that time I reckon I'd be laughing. 5 might be more realistic though. Hmm I might need to go back on Weight Watchers too. I wonder if that would be considered cheating for the prizes?


  1. The weight loss challenge sounds like a great idea. I've done one at my gym and lost about 8 kilos in 12 weeks, thanks mainly to an eating plan. Doing the Weight Watchers with the exercise would be wise and definitely not cheating :)

  2. Apparently OPOW is offering a "Weightwatchers at Work" program, there was an email a couple of days ago. Ends up a lot cheaper than doing it solo...