Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back on the wagon... again

I am back on the dieting wagon. Having fallen off somewhere last year when the Tony Ferguson diet made me so tired I couldn't get out of bed for a week, I had been meaning to get back on it for ages. But I had lots of excuses.

"After my trip to New Zealand."

But then I was changing jobs and it was too stressful.

"Once I write the conference paper."

But then it was Christmas.

"After Christmas."

But then it was the beginning of the year and I was crazy busy with my study project.

"After Information Online."

This was the one I was sure about - if all else fails, after the conference. I would DEFINITELY go to Weight Watchers as soon as I got back from Sydney.

But I've been soooo busy with work, trying to see friends, do washing, have a relationship, and all of that stuff that I just didn't do it. And I was a bit leery of going back to Weight Watchers as I have so much more to lose than last time I was on WW. I'd already lost a lot by then due to a change in meds, and I was doing it with my flatmate and good friend, who was a great support. Also I've been having a few potential food allergy/intolerance issues that I wanted to sort out.

So I got the details of a great dietician my friend sees, and made an appointment. That was a few weeks ago, when I was crazy busy with work, relationship, friends etc.

And then on Sunday my boyfriend and I broke up.

On Tuesday after buying a box of chocolate chip cookies from KMart (you know the ones, Decadent - and boy are they!) and a litre of milk and deciding to devour them to drown my sorrow, I went to my pre-scheduled dietician appointment. And wham, bam, thank you ma'am I've ended up on a diet.

It actually makes sense to me to go on it now - although concerned friends have tweeted things like:

noooo! You can't start a diet this week. That's crazy talk!

f*^#{ the diet u need chocolate at times like this go have some

however I really feel like it's a good time. I've wanted to do it for... well over a year, and now I'm in a job I love and have a stable home life (and am not in a relationship) I can put the time into it.

So. Wagon. You are my bitch.


  1. good on ya. I need to do same.

  2. Yeah - go Nomes the all-powerful! Head down, kick butt! SkinniBitch here we come!