Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Banana Bread beats Carrot Cake

Tonight I baked (for those of you who know me - shocking! I know) my second Tony Ferguson shake recipe (really not that hard - put some shakes together, add some other stuff, stick in the oven - voila). On Sunday I made the banana bread, and thoroughly enjoyed it - seriously yummy. So much so I had two serves yesterday (naughty). Today I decided I'd try the carrot cake and while I modified the recipe a bit - used a chocolate shake as I only had 3 vanilla shakes - it was, shall we say, not as good. Though it's very dense, and perhaps more filling. Probably all the carrot.

Another thing I learned today is that if you fill your evening with ALIA teleconferences and don't have time to eat you probably won't be hungry.

Win/win by my book. I love my involvement with ALIA, and I love not feeling like eating.

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  1. dieting is HARD. I've done the South Beach diet which is also a low carb, whole grain philosophy. You absolutely need to be in the right mind set. Are you allowed sugar free jelly? I found that quite good - the protein seems to help the starved feeling.