Friday, June 11, 2010

Carbs are my friend

Thanks to everyone for the comments and tweets and such regarding the kicking of Tony Ferguson to the kerb. Don't feel 100% but feel like my energy is returning thanks to TOAST but have a doctor's appt in a little while as apparently Glandular Fever is doing the rounds at my university so I'll need a blood test to ensure that that's not my problem. Please God let that not be my problem. I SUCK at being sick. That is, I'm damn good at it, in that I get 150% sicker than everyone else, take three times as long to get better, and get every illness under the sun when my immune system is down.

I've gotta tell ya, sleeping for the best part of a week isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm starting to feel slightly normal again, but I'm still quite tired. Add on top of that the stress that I always feel when I'm sick, the guilt for missing work, and worries about money (I have no idea if I have enough sick leave to cover this week, but I doubt it) and I end up feeling like crap again.

Plus while I'm back on the carbs I don't want to put on all the weight I've lost. I have to be careful. *sigh* I really wish I hadn't taken that medication last year and put on 15kgs in 6 weeks. It really f'd up my body. And it didn't even work. Poo.


  1. Had glandular as a teenager, at the same time as cutting wisdom teeth, and afterwards considered marketing it as a weight-loss program (though with ill side-effects). Though I felt totally crap for three months, I vanished - from a size 10-12 down to a size 6 (43kg). It took me 10+ years to gain it back, and now 10++ years later I gained even more. Can you catch it twice???

  2. I had glandular fever in January, but didn't know until I had blood tests, though I knew I was very sick. I was sooo very tired. I still experience tiredness..but nowhere near the fatigue I had in Jan, Feb & March. I do hope you feeling better soon - take notice of you body signals:)