Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's talk about the weather

I started a post on what is going on in my personal life, and then realised it's just not appropriate. It's not my story to tell. But trust me when I say I have very good reasons for skipping a few days of blogging every day in June. Plus, I have done extra on quite a few days so ... whatever, it's not a competition.

Speaking of competitions, I got the news this evening that I was unsuccessful in securing a place in a mentoring program that I really wanted. There were an overwhelming number of applicants (it was an international program) and I was very close to being selected, but no cigar. I know that you can get mentors in other ways - I have just recently approached someone to be a professional mentor, and someone else to be a peer mentor, but with this research project I am undertaking I could really use a research mentor. And I work a lot better when there is a structured program. A very good friend of mine spent quite a lot of time convincing me that my not being selected for this program does not make me a failure. And she's right, of course. It just makes me not as good as the six people who were selected :-P I guess I can deal with seventh. Who am I kidding? I totally suck :-(

In other news, I bought a new pair of sneakers today. And not vanity shoes. They're cross trainers, for ACTUAL exercise. My brother and I went to A-Mart All Sports and he bought about $600 worth of running gear for under $250 (super special on Reebok compression gear til July!) because he suddenly got the urge to go running. I don't have any great urge, but I am going to New Zealand in September so I need to get fit/strong in my legs for skiing. Also there's the issue of that 20kg that I need to lose, which if I recall is why I started this blog. And seeing as I've been eating fun sized Picnics for breakfast, lunch and tea lately, it's about time I did something about that again.

Oh, and Brisbane is pretty balmy. It got up to 21degrees C today, and is expected to get down to a low of 7 overnight. There's been some light cloud coverage but no rain.


  1. Virtual moral support for your weight loss, I know how hard it is. bad luck with the program, that sucks. My chocolate consumption goes up with the onset of winter. The weather here is cold and colder in Kal. and it was in the minus numbers last night - inland desert is very cold and dry.

  2. I think I need a mentor too. How did you go about choosing the person you approached to be your professional mentor? What did you say when you asked that person?

    Re your course- there are so many factors to choosing participants when you have too many applicants. It's not about being 'the best'. In fact sometimes those with the most need for development are chosen instead. Then there are factors in getting an even spread across the group eg male/female, introvert/extravert. Finally it may be whomever's areas of interest best match the selected mentors. So be proud you applied and address that when the negative images arise.

  3. Hmm I might write a post on this for you!

  4. ditto restructuregirl's comments - I really want/need a mentor. I did try at one point about 18 months ago - but I chickened out.

  5. I agree with Restructuregirl. Do not focus on 'not as good as the other six'. They indeed may have been more needy. I am a firm believer in 'if one door shuts...'. Another opportunity will arise - bigger & better.

  6. ditto with justgirlwithshoes... something will turn up if you are looking for it.

    Go you with the shoes! May I recommend Couch to 5K as a program for exercise I started in the summer and it was an acheivable form of exercise for me - and I freely admit I hated running until I started this. But it was free and I needed to do something. I do confess that winter has put a go slow on my efforts. I like to run in the evening and of course, it is now dark by the time I get home so what with pressures of family life I haven't run for a month. But the program is still good.