Wednesday, June 2, 2010

But,'s sposed to get easier!

Week two of the diet, and I am definitely struggling. Maybe I'm just not complaining enough. Last week I stuck to the diet pretty much 100%, but there was a lot of bitching and moaning going on, particularly about soup. This week, I weighed in and got a great result - 2.5kgs, which is 10% of what I need to lose, and I've started to slide.

The Tony Ferguson diet puts you into ketosis by restricting the amount of carbs you eat, so it's really important not to fall off the bandwagon and eat a whole packet of say, Coles 6 pack iced donuts. Which I haven't.

But I did make the (perhaps fatal?) mistake of buying a HUGE packet of cashews at Woolies the other day, and while I did split some of them up into little baggies of snack sized portions for one of my "good fat" serves during the day, the last two nights I also ate a ridiculous amount of non-baggied non-portioned cashews. I'm hoping that this doesn't have too much of a bad effect on my loss this week, as it shouldn't really affect the ketosis, however it does of course affect my fat intake. *sigh*

In the interests of full disclosure - here comes the shame moment - last night, even after consuming half my weight in deliciously salted cashews, I was still hungry so I consumed this morning's portion of TF receipe banana bread, still on the theory that as it's still "diet allowed food" that I shoul still be in ketosis, and therefore still lose weight this week. I guess the scales will tell, but I'm not feeling happy about it. :-(


  1. Food is my friend rang so true for me. I have battled with my weight on and off for years. I made friends with exercise and it has really helped.

    I am looking forward to sharing your journey.

  2. Cheer up - it's done, can't be undone, so no point feeling guilty over it. If that's the only slip off the wagon you've had so far you're doing a whole lot better than most people.

    Walk your dog and feel redeemed! :)

  3. I love a tag #falloffthewagon. You will have days like that...I cannot really have bad food around me. I never have biscuits, junk in the house as I eat it. Move are doing wonderfully so far and will fall. We all do. We are human.

  4. The best thing about diets is, you can keep trying.

    Don't be too hard on yourself, just keep trying :)