Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Glee's fault

So I'm late with Sunday's post. And it's a link post. Sue me.

Glee did a Gaga episode this week so I've had their rendition of Poker Face in my head for days. I quite like it. I saw Edina Menzel in Wicked in London and she's just amazing. I love how they're getting real musical theatre celebrities on this show.

But then my friend pointed me towards Christopher Walken's rendition:

And of course there's the librarian version :-)


  1. I know what you mean!

    Wasn't keen on the librarian version, but had c-c-catalogue in my head for a week.

    Wasn't keen on the Glee version (mostly because I thought it was a ridiculous choice for a mother-daughter duet), but have had this unplugged version in my head ever since.

    And I also thought of the Walken version during all this *lol* - there's a version somewhere out there that's been mixed with the original...

  2. I agree it was a stupid mother-daughter duet but I like the version in and of itself. Have had the librarian version in my head for ages. Would love to do a live version of it at a conference! lol