Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Pet Post

I'm going to try and break from the self-pity that has plagued the last few days of my life for this post, and turn instead the pets. That's bound to cheer me up :-)

I am currently house-sitting for my Dad and step mum. They have a small, cute, but insanely idiotic dog. No offence intended to flexnib, but Polly is part-chihuahua, which may be partly why she is skittish and insane. To the right there's a photo of Polly waiting for me when I get home, and my adorable little cat Sebastian behind her.

Polly is a very spoilt dog. She has a dog-flap, but she rarely uses it. She waits by it until someone opens the big door for her. She gets milk for breakfast, and cheese (!!!) at 11am (I have not kept up the cheese regime, for one thing I work and for another !!!) Polly gets premium mince for dinner, probably more expensive than the mince I can afford for my bolognese. However this doesn't stop her from trying to eat Sebastian's dinner out from under his very cute black nose. (His mince is of the low-cost kangaroo variety. He eats it slowly and daintily while Polly scarfs hers like there's no tomorrow. He won't touch hers when she eats his though, even though it's of a higher quality. Weird!)

Polly loves being downstairs on the couch you can see in the background of the above photo. She will happily go down the stairs in the background, but will not go up them. My step mum thinks it's because she has trouble with her eyes. I beg to differ, as she has no trouble going up the stairs in the backyard in the total dark. She's just stupid :-P

Polly likes to sleep with humans. I'm fine with that, and luckily Sebastian considers her a friendly, and the spare room has a bed big enough for all of us. As the bed is quite high, Polly doesn't think she can get onto it by herself. She CAN, I've seen her do it (when I'm not in the bed) but when I'm in the bed suddenly the bed is WAY TOO HIGH for her tiny little brain. So, she paws at the side of it until I lean over to get her. Then she runs away, just out of my reach. She does this over and over until I have to GET OUT OF BED to pick her up and put her on the bed. This drives me slightly insane.

My lovely little Sebastian, however, is the loveliest little light of my whole life. He has been in my heart for almost two years now, since I found him at Ingrid's Haven. I spent over an hour meeting about 50 of the hundred or so cats she has there, until I finally found him. He snuggled against me for a cuddle and my heart just melted. He's so soft, and as time has gone on we've gotten a closer bond. I had to be away from him for a couple of months last year and it was hard when we got back together and I brought him back to Brisbane. But now we're closer than ever. He follows me everywhere. It's very cute. Well I think that's all for now. I hope you've enjoyed my pet post.


  1. I *have* enjoyed your pet post! Thanks for putting a smile on my face before bedtime :)

  2. Aww, lovely post about your lovely animals. In our house Willy *loves* the doggy door, sometimes he tries to wriggle through in time while I'm trying to open the big door.

  3. Awwhhh other peoples pets! I house sat for friends once. They had 3 cats and a dog at the time. All of them slept on the bed with their dads. I said no to the dog. Waking up with large cat on your chest can be frightening :o)

  4. Your kitty is gorgeous - I had a beautiful black cat like that through year 11 and 12. I couldn't take him to Brisbane with me when I moved, so I asked my little brother to take care of him, and that was the last I saw of that cat!

    Currently I have a big old mean black and white tomcat (as you've probably seen from my Twitter profile pic) and he's truly horrid to everyone, but I love him to bits!

  5. We had a snuggly black kitty too. :)

  6. sebastian is the best cat in the world. i just love him into itty bitty pieces :-)