Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my 32nd Birthday.
I took the day off work, slept in, ate bacon & eggs & tomato & toast, drank lots of tea, had a massage & spa, visited my best friend where I saw her daughter (finally!) walking (yay!) and ate chocolate cake and brownie (yum!) and read same daughter some stories, went to dinner with my Mum & brother, and now I'm having a cuddle with my cat.
I also stressed about the study grant I put in last night, because the project has turned out bigger than Ben Hur, and I'm afraid that it will be too big for me to do justice to if (and when) I move to full time work. It seems to get bigger every time I think about it, and is now kind of looking like a Masters thesis. Goddess help me.
However, it's my birthday so I'm not going to stress about that anymore, at least until tomorrow. When I will continue to blog. Thanks to all who were involved in #blogeverydayofjune, I've loved it and I will continue my online journey with you all, if you'll have me.
@nomesd aka SkinniBitch


  1. Wow! What a coincidence. It is my birthday tomorrow and I am also 32. (Ask anybody, I swear it is true.)
    I'm living the dream.

  2. i reckon you should scope the whole project, then attack it in phases - treat it as multiple projects. you're right - it's enormous. so break it off into bite size chunks.

  3. OOh - I'm so jealous. Spa/massage/rainforest. Heaven.

    Relax about the project - the twitterverse will help you scale it down to manageable pieces.

  4. Happy birthday and yes OF COURSE will have you!