Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mal's TV meme

Thanks to malbooth for coming up with this one

Do you snack while watching TV?
Almost exclusively. Is there something else to do while watching TV?
What is your favourite TV show?
When it had Dr Tennant I would have said Dr Who, but Dr Smith hasn't totally won me over yet. So at the moment probably Glee.
What TV show makes you run to change channels?
Anything related to sport.
How do you view your TV guide: online, on-screen, newspaper, magazine, other?
On my iPhone.
Have you ever been surveyed for your TV-viewing habits or do you know anyone who has been?
Don't think so but I love market research so I might have been years ago. I always say yes.
Do you watch TV news and/or current affairs regularly?
Nope I hate knowing what's going on in the world. Way too depressing.
Do you watch any TV "soaps"? (Truth please, even if it is embarrassing.)
Yep, I watch both Neighbours and Home & Away often enough to kind of know what's going on in both. Though I much prefer H&A and have since I lived in the UK.
What other series shows do you try not to miss?
Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy.
Any previous series or shows you really liked?
Buffy, Sex & the City, Damages, BSG.
Do you have pay TV or are the digital channels enough?
Don't have either :-(
Do you only watch certain TV shows online?
Yes I watch a lot online, or from online - I have a supplier of downloaded TV who sends me series at a time of all sorts of stuff. He's a geek though so I get a lot more sci fi than I would usually choose to watch.
Do you regularly use services like ABC catch-up or other online replays?
Yep, if I miss Grey's or DH or Glee or something I use it. 7 has a good service, 10's is a bit crapper. ABC of course is the best.
Do you ever pay any attention to the adverts?
Sigh, yes. Wish I could switch off, but I can't.
Do you multi-task while watching TV & if so what else are you doing?
Absolutely. I'm almost always tweeting on my iPhone. If I have a computer that's working I might be on it. Otherwise I'll be very intently cuddling my cat. He's half on my lap and half on the keyboard right now.
Is there a TV show that makes you laugh out loud?
I haven't been laughing much lately, so I can't think of any. But I'm sure there is. Um... Oh yeah, 30 Rock. I love that show.
Have you ever said no to a social invitation to stay at home and watch TV? (Truth again please.) Mind telling us what the show was?
Probably. I really like to be at home for Dr Who on Sundays, DH on Mondays and Grey's on Tuesdays. If you invite me out on those days and I don't come you know why.
Do you record TV shows & if so why and how (VCR, DVD recorder, TIVO, laptop, etc.)?
No I don't have the technology. I have a supplier ;-)
Least favourite TV personality/actor/character?
That annoying sidekick of David Letterman's. Paul something. I just want him DEAD.
Most popular TV personalities/actors/character?
Hmm I can only think of movie actors. I guess Tina Fey. She's awesome. Oh, and Alec Baldwin. But only coz of 30 Rock.
Have you ever seen anything really memorable on TV (not news/events - made for TV drama, etc.)?
Brides of Christ. I was a teen, it seriously affected me.
Do you prefer TV series or stand-alone shows?
Series all the way! What is a stand alone show? I don't even like movies anymore now that you can get TV series from the DVD store!
Is there a specific show you find yourself recommending over and over?
I've recommended Glee to a couple of people, but not because I think it's great in a high-art way. Because I love singing and dancing and teen drama and it's fun.
Naomi's bonus question: What's your favourite TV based youtube clip?
Well that would have to be Buffy vs Edward!


  1. You have GOT to be kidding. Crazy stalker vampire? No way. Buffy wins hands down.

  2. Love the bonus question! That's my favourite too! lol If you need a laugh The IT crowd is V funny!

  3. Nomes, as a Buffy fan, did you like Angel too? Unofficially gathering data on this... :)

  4. I rewatched Buffy from the beginning recently and Oz, Spike, Anya and Zander still my favs. I have started rewatching Veronica Mars. But I love Entourage and Mad Men ATM.

  5. Jenny - yes watched Angel too.
    Sophie - Yes watch IT Crowd too.
    Kim - yes loved Veronica Mars and Mad Men tho couldn't get into Entourage.
    I watch way more tv than is healthy.