Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm getting ready for going to Canberra on Friday, and part of this preparation was getting out the wax and the polish and going to town on my hairy legs and un-pedicured feet last night.

I must have the perfect grain of hair for self-waxing or something, because I just buy a pot of Nair Body Wax (just over $20 at your local supermarket) which you heat in the microwave, smooth in long strips down your legs, then rip off (no cotton strips required!) when it's cooled. I can do it quite easily till all the hair is gone - my flatmate in the UK was so impressed that she got a tub and tried it, and she found that her hair was too coarse - it just wouldn't come out. She wasn't nearly so impressed.

But last night it took about an hour and I had the heater on so I didn't freeze, but I now have silky smooth legs and underarms, and then I did a pedicure on myself. I frosted my toenails with two shades of purple - a dark and then a shine - so they're all ready to go for the wedding on Saturday. That is if they even see the light of day, which depending on the weather they may not. But, better to be prepared.

Yesterday I got my nails done - I'm not up to doing them myself, I haven't got the right tools even though you can buy acrylic much cheaper than you get them done at the salon - but I love the look of a French polish. And the gel makes them so shiny!

So I'm still tired but I'm on the way to being pretty for the wedding.


  1. That's very very pretty!! I've NEVER done something like that to my nails, do you find it hard to type? I wonder.

  2. it's not hard to type with acrylics, but does take a bit of getting used to. it makes an awesome clacking noise on the keyboard, too. makes you feel very important and professionail (see what i did there?!).

  3. Love the sound of the purples, but still flinching at the sound of waxing. Early on I was very attracted to the idea of feminism cause I thought it got you out of waxing!

  4. I'm a lipstick feminist. Will fight to the death my right to earn equal pay while wearing four inch heels.

    And yes - I do go to professionail! Tried American Nails but they sucketh.

  5. I much prefer Professionail as well!
    I once made the mistake of asking the nail technician there what colour she recommended - she went pale, and fled to find her manager, and he came over to assist me with recommendations after scolding me that you mustn't ask the technicians for colour recommendations as that's not their job. A bit creepy...

  6. that IS creepy. but I think the girls I get wouldn't have a problem telling me what to do. at american nails they barely speak English so it might be a problem...