Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lumps: Be gone!

So my short term goal is to lose a size by the time I go to Canberra for a sort-of wedding in less than three weeks. (Sort-of because they got married a couple of weeks ago in the UK, this is the shorter, Catholic, Aussie version. Hopefully with lots of booze). It's an ambitious goal, I know. 7kgs in four weeks is not quite Biggest Loser territory, but it's close, especially for a girl of my size (that is, under 100kgs).

I got up this morning (even later than usual, thanks ALIA) and as I was figuring out what to wear I got a look at myself in the yikes! full length mirror and I've got to say: I'm less lumpy! This was confirmed when I got into work and my (pulls no punches, totally awesome) boss said in her very dry way "You're definitely skinnier!" Yay!

So I'm back on the wagon and going for gold this week. I don't know if I can pull another 2.5kgs, but I'd be happy with anything over 1kg. 4.5 is a lot to lose in 3 weeks - I may even have to exercise to try and get it done. But let's not be too hasty.


  1. Haha - I can torally imagine B. saying that in her deadpan way!

  2. I really hope you reach your goal. I thought I was going to fall off the diet wagon tonight while going out with some friends but you've given me incentive to stay on. Go for Gold!!

  3. Thanks!! Glad I could help :-)