Friday, June 4, 2010

Librarian Tip: Scanning is not reading

One of my friends commented that he likes the "librarian interludes" on this blog, so I'm going to instigate some librarian tips. Not to be confused with the polite librarian.
When I first scanned down The Age website's list of news this morning and saw this headline, the first thing I thought was "Not Parky! No way is he into sex and gambling!" Which, once read correctly, is not what this headline is implying, nor, hopefully, is it what is going in in Ches Parky.

However it just goes to show that scanning a blog trustworthy news site is not the same as reading it.

Just a piece of advice from a Librarian.

That is all, continue about your day.


  1. LOL! I like your librariany posts too.

  2. Thanks for the reference to that news article. My dad has parkinson's and i'm wondering what medication he takes. He's turned into a compulsive shopper, always on the look out for discounted, out of date cheese that he can get for free, as well as bread and marmalade. We did a "freezer audit" and found about 6 different types of regular breads (he buys loaves and slices them up himself), as well as 4 types of fruit bread... Then there were the muffins! I love my dad, but hey, this is getting out of control!

  3. Oh wow, well yeah Katie worth checking I guess. I'm glad the article was of use. *hug*