Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The story so far...

I've been all aTwitter about my new diet regime over the last week, which is the Tony Ferguson meal-replacement diet. I went from eating pretty much whatever I wanted - which was a fair amount of pizza, donuts, chocolate and hot chips - to a shake (with fibre) for breakfast, a salad with meat for lunch, and a salad (after a couple of false starts with soup - which I confirmed that I DESPISE) for dinner with a shake for dessert. Add in a couple of serves of fruit and maybe some nuts during the day, some diet jelly if I am really jonesing out, and you have a very different diet to the one I had a week ago. Which is possibly why I lost 2.5kgs in a week. Yay for me!

I've had a pretty wacky relationship with my size and food over the last 7 or so years - pretty much since I started needing medication for a chronic health issue. I've had two separate periods where medication has stacked - and I mean 15-20kg stacked - on the weight in a very short amount of time (try 6 weeks last year) which has resulted in a much more yo-yo-ing body shape than I ever had before. I used to be pretty slender, not really skinny, or at least I didn't think so - but then I was young, what the fuck did I know! I thought I was fat in year 12 and I now realise I was borderline underweight, at a size 8-10.

Generally I used to sit around about a size 12 - sometimes skinnier, sometimes a bit bigger. I threw away my size 8s as a "never gonna happen" when I was about 22.

When I was 24, the first time I put on 20kg I was a skinny size 12, almost a 10, and I ballooned up to a 16 in about 3 months. I lost 10kg of it easily when I came off meds a year or so later, and then I lost the other 10kg on Weight Watchers and became a Lifetime Member. And I gotta tell ya, I looked Hott. Paris Hilton style, back to the skinny 10-12. But then I took off for the UK, got the obligatory Heathrow Injection of about 5-7kg, and was back to being about normal - around a size 12-14.

I scooted back to Australia and moved from my native sunny Brisbane to the more naturally stodgy (food wise anyways) Melbourne, and put on a few more kilos, probably partly due to the Italian food (pasta! yum!) and partly because I found my two years there relatively hard. (Food is my friend!) Near the end of my time there I was put on another medication that made me balloon out and I zoomed from a 14 up to an 18 in six weeks - thanks for that, Doc!

I'm now back in sunny BrisVegas, a lot happier and healthier, and ready to tackle the challenge of losing the 25kgs that has accumulated since my svelte days. I will post photos as evidentiary proof as I go along, both to motivate myself and because words get boring.

Oh, and as I'm a librarian (but this blog will not really be focussed on libraries) I'll be participating in the 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge.

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