Thursday, June 24, 2010

Like a virgin

I've realised why I've been so down today. It's not just because I liked Rudd. It's not just because he cried. It's not just because I've totally abandoned my diet and become addicted to cherry ripes. It's because I've lost my political virginity. And I wasn't prepared.

I'd heard about it, I suppose. My Mum and Dad and history teacher all talked about how their illusions were shattered when Gough Whitlam was ousted. But I didn't really ever expect it to happen to me. For one, I thought the whole Governor-General/Liberal conspiracy to take over government would never happen again. For another, I didn't think I was that invested in the process.

You see, I don't really follow politics. That is, in between elections. As I've tweeted, I hate the news. It depresses me. And politicians never answer questions. That annoys me.

But when there's an election on - holy hell, I become a crazy person. The night before the 2007 election, I told anyone who would listen that if Howard won again I do something bad. Alternatively, if they voted for Rudd I would do something great. As some of my readers are my professional brethren I won't go into details as to what those bad/great things were, but use your imagination. Then on the night of Kevin 07 I was glued to the TV, to the point where I couldn't leave for the party I was all dressed up for until it was for-definite-sure that Howard was gone, and Our Saviour was in.

But today, that hope, that belief, all came crashing down. The first Prime Minister elected during my adult life that I had a part in electing (i.e. didn't hate to the point of distraction and actually preferenced instead of putting his party last on the senate form, which I number individually) was ousted. And not by the machinations of the Liberal elite, but of his own party.

And that, my friends, is not a pleasant way to lose your virginity. Even if it is to an intelligent redhead without a penis.


  1. Politics is a tough business - it happens.

    At least we can have bloodless coups. A few tears from the slain leader, but no death toll.

    The majesty of parliamentary democracy.

    And just look at how the right hate Ms Gillard more than they hate Mr Ruddbot: Bring it on.

    Let's just hope that she doesn't loose to The Mad Monk.

  2. your last sentence made me LOL out loud. Lucky I wasn't drinking!